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Denim jeans starching (Jeans not included)

Our hand-applied starching process allows your jeans to better conform to the shape of your legs, 
making fabrication giving your jeans a unique, old-school look.

This Denim Jeans starching  service is suitable for cotton jeans.


Special Offer: 50% off the service price for your second hand-applied starching job.


Ingredients: Polyvinyl alcohol (Soluble in water and decompose)
Type: Weakly acidic/neutral
Skin Type: Normal skin

Made in Japan

Denim jeans starching (Jeans not included)

SKU : 10
10 000¥Prix


  • Notice: This treatment may cause the denim fabric to become very stiff after drying. Especially when wearing the jeans for the first time, the fabric may feel uncomfortable against the skin.

  • If you experience itching, swelling, or pain, stop wearing the starched jeans immediately.

    Pay attention to any skin abnormalities while wearing starched jeans. For example, people who may experience issues include:
    1. Those who sweat excessively, have sensitive skin, or have skin conditions.
    2. Those who have cuts, swelling, or eczema, or if any abnormalities occur.

    Your skin may not be suitable for wearing starched jeans. If you notice any discomfort, stop wearing the starched jeans immediately and consult a dermatologist.

    For improvement purposes, the products, specifications, and formulas for starched jeans may change without prior notice.


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